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About iAccount4u

The who, what and why you shouldn’t sleep on iAccount4u  for your administrative and bookkeeping needs.

For many freelancers and companies keeping on top of the administration can prove difficult, getting to grips with software, input getting lost… we know the problems. Despite these difficulties, your numbers do need to add up.

iAccount4u takes care of the hassle and allows you to get on with business. The work mentioned on our site is just a fraction of our services. Your companies numbers do not only have to add up, they need to start living for you. Numbers give you information and that information is a tool to make your company function more efficiently. Do we have your attention? Now bookkeeping sounds a lot more interesting isn’t it?

Your numbers need to be up-to-date and accurate accounts will help clarify them for you. iAccount4u would love to keep and guard your accounts and give your company the advice which will make it more efficient; not with stacks of spread-sheets and numbers, but with transparent, graphical solutions that makes it all easier to digest. iAccount4u will bring your numbers to life!

Besides, our knowledge concerning rules and regulations between U.S. Euro and non-Euro countries is sound; which makes doing business easier with growth markets outside of the United States.
Apart from said knowledge, we assist freelancers and start-ups with taking the right steps and direction through the mandatory channels which leaves you to concentrate on your main competences and therefore creating and establishing your business(es).

So what can iAccount4u do
for your firm
or business?

iAccount4u Administrative and Finance Services

‘iAccount4u’, but what’s in it for me?

Start-ups and Freelancers

Starting as a freelancer, you will have to comply with certain rules and regulations. You will require extra information apart from standard documents. Through our years of experience we are able to thoroughly examine your business plan and modify where necessary. For this service we charge a special start-up fee. Also, doing your VAT-return is always a complicated business. iAccount4u can be your affordable expert and is glad to be of service.

Account keeping

We will prepare all your financial and administrative data. We take care of your book keeping needs and advise and make recommendations for future planning.
iAccount4u will offer you a full financial administration service, VAT-returns, payroll declarations and provide you a clear and transparent summary on monthly or quarterly basis. U provide invoices and additional information.

Every quarter you’ll receive a clear summary of your company’s financial status. You’ll be kept up to date of your inventory and the way your business achieves. With this information you will have a full insight which will make it easier for you to adjust your company policies. An up to date insight raises results!

We will also provide you with your yearly results and your income taxes. It speaks for itself that we like to keep in contact to get to know you as an entrepreneur so we are aware of your wishes and expectations.


As an employer you will have to deal with payroll taxes. We will calculate and hand them to the tax authorities for you, whether monthly or quarterly. We’ll also take care of payments to your employees:

  • • Sign up as an employer
  • • Receiving and handling data payroll taxes
  • • Determine your employees identity
  • • Wages sheet
  • • Payslip
  • • Annual statement

Year end close

The year- end close is meant to give a proper insight on the capital and results of your venture(s). We will provide the balance containing the status of your assets and liabilities, the profit and loss margins, the operating account, depreciation costs, etc. You will be able to clearly see how your business performed in the past year.

A clear summary with:

  • • The balance
  • • Explanation
  • • Profit and loss account
  • • Annual report to the board
  • • Auditors’ statement


We provide a complete VAT tax returns service. Filling in an income- or corporate tax return drives a lot of freelancers or employers to despair because of its complexity. With our knowledge we take care of all your company’s fiscal duties.

Income Tax-return

The foundation of your income tax return of annual statement is your basic administration. Let us account for the whole process, it is a payable (and mind you, stress free) alternative to doing it yourself.

Extra financial summary

Every venture will find out that it needs additional information to provide and take care of the necessary standard documents. This may occur when for instance your company is going through a difficult period and you’re in need of credit facility. You will have to deliver a prognosis (result and liquidity) and/or an investment budget or other financial summaries.

We can be of service in this department as well. Because of our knowledge and concern for your venture we can provide the desired documents the proper way and guide you through this process. If you do your book keeping yourself or use an online service, we can account for multiple possibilities to support your administration and the closure of your fiscal Year end.


What you see below, is what you get from iAccount4u.
Familiar with basically all administrative software 90%
Fluent in English (native) as in Dutch 100%
Expert in analysing and reporting 100%
Optimizing the administrative organisation 100%
Execute Quick scan and drafting improvements 100%
Integrating acquired organisations 90%
Preparing financial / balance sheet specifications 100%
Familiar with international financial administrative processes 90%
Independent, helpful, team-worker, pro-active, flexible 100%

Be smart and save yourself or your company a lot of hassle with iAccount4u.
Wether you're a start-up,
or a global operating business.


Preview iAccount4u’s main administration package deals.

We have put together a number of standard packages with the most common used services. There is, of course, a customized package possible if preferred with additional services. E-mail us or call the office (321) 276 6857 or toll free (888) 680 9369 for inquiries so we can customize to suit your specific needs and send you a quotation.

Start Account

$99per month
  • Suitable for Starter / Self-employed
  • Chamber of Commerce registration
  • Certificate of application
  • Registration of tax authorities
  • Preparing administration
  • Arrange documentation
  • Checking financial data
  • Advice on state administration
  • Timesheet & registration
  • Business plan check
  • Financial coaching

Lite Account

$475per month
  • Small SME / Occupancy up to 5 employees
  • Request Certified statement(s)
  • Handling issues
  • Checking financial data
  • Preparing executing & processing administration
  • Invoicing / financial matters via internet banking
  • Cashing
  • Check for stops
  • Debtor management & credit management
  • Quarterly balance sheet, profit & loss account
  • Timesheet and milage registration
  • Prepare and send tax return(s)
  • Preparing & processing of salary administration
  • Overall control
  • Preparing income taxes & processing
  • Preparing annual figures & processing
  • Preparing & processing balance sheet, profit and loss statement

Medium Account

$999per month
  • SMEs / Company up to 25 employees
  • Preparing & processing accounting
  • Carry out an administration
  • Request VAR statement(s)
  • Handling issues
  • Checking financial data
  • Preparing, executing & processing administration
  • Invoicing / financial matters via internet banking
  • Debtor management & credit management
  • Quarterly balance sheet, profit & loss account
  • Timesheet and milage registration
  • Preparation and processing of the payroll administration
  • Financial statement audit/advice per quarter
  • Declaration(s) turnover tax
  • Tax return(s)
  • Check (turnover, costs, bank statements, annual figures & payroll tax declaration)
  • Draw up and process income taxes
  • Prepare and process annual figures
  • Prepare and process balance sheet, profit and loss statement

Full Account

$1,999per month
  • SMEs / Companies from 50 or more employees
  • Preparing & processing accounting
  • Execution administration
  • Draw up, execute and process payroll administration
  • Request VAR statement(s)
  • Handling issues
  • Checking financial data
  • Preparing, executing & processing administration / accounting
  • Invoicing / financial matters via internet banking
  • Collection processing
  • Check attacks and, if necessary, lodge an objection
  • Debtor management & credit management
  • Prepare quarterly balance sheet, profit & loss account
  • Keep track of timesheet and mileage registration
  • Declaration(s) income tax
  • Declaration(s) corporation tax
  • Declaration(s) turnover tax
  • Tax return(s)
  • Salary administration
  • Check (turnover, costs, bank statements, annual figures, turnover & payroll tax declaration)
  • Draw up income taxes & processing
  • Drawing up annual figures & processing
  • Preparing balance sheet, profit and loss statement & processing

Aditional pricing

One-time intake interview

Administration costs ::::: $ 49

Year end close

Extra year closing costs ::::: from $ 250 (per year)

Debt collection processing

Collection processing, sending reminders, by telephone and / or e-mail approach ::::: $ 45 per hour

Financial controlling

Costs ::::: $ 349 per quarter / $ 777 per year
Points of attention:
• What direction does my company take?
• What is the prognosis for the coming quarter / year? (based on a sound administration)


All amounts mentioned on this website are exclusive of VAT. An agreement with iAccount4u is standard for one calendar year. Termination of an agreement is possible in writing and must be in our possession 2 months before the end date agreement. An extended version of the conditions can be requested free of charge via e-mail.

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Give us a call or e-mail your questions. We’ll be happy to make an appointment or a quotation of your requested services.

We operate in the South-Florida & New York area, either from our own office, or if desired at your premises.

Florida: (321) 276 6857
New York (toll free): (888) 680 9369

Port St Lucie,
United States
Email: info@iaccount4u.com

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Testimonials from some of our clients.

  • “After starting as a freelancer it became clear to me that iAccount4u would allow me to do the work that I am good at, without the administrative hassle that comes with working as a 'one man army'. Secondly, I'd have never found the financial benefits and advantages within the regulations when doing my Tax returns. All in a very accurate and no-nonsense way. Kudos to iAccount4u!.”
    W. WissinkCreative Director, nrtwentyone
  • "iAccount4u has a very profound, far beyond average knowledge of accountancy, are extremely accurate & punctual and posses excellent work ethics. I've been very pleased to work with them and I would most certainly recommend them to anyone in need of finance and administrative professionals."
    G. MeertensSr IT Eng Oper. Applications, RWG

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